Story Telling Stopmob


Story 1:

A mother of a six-year-old child attending my Stopmob training told me this story not long ago:

The night before she had tugged in her daughter the same way as usual, and after hugs and kisses and saying ‘Goodnight’ she went to the kitchen. Almost immediately, her daughter calls her and she went to her room to check on her.

Her daughter asked her:”Mum, have you made my lunchbox for tomorrow yet?” She replied: “No, why do you ask?” Her daughter explained:”Today at school, we learned a new method when working with our Stobmob training. It is called ‘The good deed’ method and is about helping others and making others happy. So if I help you prepare my lunchbox, would that make you happy?”

It would very much she replied and they both went to the kitchen to prepare the lunchbox together.

The mother told me how happy she was that her daughter reflected on the learnings from class and that she choose to use the methods in her everyday life outside school.



Story 2:

A six-year-old boy from my school went to the doctor with his father because it was time for his vaccination. He sat down next to his father and showed no sign of anxiety over the situation. When it is all over, the father praised him, saying he was very brave and did very well. The boy replied that he used ‘The breathing method’ that he learned in class when they had their Stopmob training and that was why he did not become scared.

The father became curios and asked him to explain. His son then told him all about the method and explained how our breathing is like a treasure chest for both mind and body. There is ‘The negative’ and ‘The positive breathing method’.

The first one ‘The negative breathing method’ is when you become nervous or angry and start yelling, then your breathing and heartbeat becomes faster. Like if you are running very fast and not use to exercise.

The second one ‘the positive breathing method’ is when you are relaxed and breathe deeply and slowly.

His soon finished by saying: ”You can also have a positive breathing when you exercise, as long as you remember to do it every day, because being in good shape is good for our health and breathing…“ The father could not help laugh a little of his sons wise words!



Story 3:

A six-year-old boy named Mads was out in the playground during recess. A boy from 3rd grade bullied him by telling him over and over again how ugly he was for wearing glasses. Mads found and told the teacher on playground duty about the incident.

When Mads returned to class after recess he told me everything about the incident and described it ‘as a challenge’ were he used ‘The choice method’, which in short is about how we always have a choice. He choose to ignore the big boy’s cruel words and looked for the teacher on playground duty. Mads was very proud of himself… and so was IJ


Story 4:

Parent telling a story about StopMob